Friday, March 2, 2007

The Mysterious Messenger

A large feline has been stalking my Father and I, and now it approache my little sister Ari. He did not harm her, but gave a warning to Darien and myself specifically.

We do have a name for this neko..Vortex. Was he named after the Club Vorex that he arrived in to find Ari? Very strange. I suspect the Fates are at work. Which may be part of a larger problem..

When I was struck by the machine virus in the late 21st century I was contacted by a later version of myself from the 1920's. She took my place in the Age of Steam and the Age of Magic to handle my affairs. She gave a warning about the dawn of the 20th century, confirming disturbing omens I already see. But when she returned to her own time, I lost contact with her. Her attempt to alter history has apparently backfired. I must discover what the nexus event is and reverse it before it is too late.

Does this Vortex serve the Fates as well as Sekhmet?

I am hosting a Science-Fiction themed dance in Steelhead tonight. An appropriate venue for the present and future to collide..


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