Monday, March 19, 2007

Home Gained, Home Lost

Miss Darkling has again graciously offered space for a firehouse in her new holdings in Caledon Tanglewood.

Tanglewood is an arboreal sim with huge trees that dwarf the houses and block sunlight with their thick canopy. Even with the abundant rainfall a lightning strike could prove disastrous! Furthermore the canopy makes local air travel almost impossible.
Because this island requires special attention there shall be a firehouse located in the canopy itself! Hopefully some form of hangar can be suspended in the treetops to allow quick deployment of the CIRRUS above or below the canopy.

This means that there will be two in Tanglwood and one in Primverness. The Western and Eastern duchies can now sleep easier. Ideally there should be a firehouse in every sim, but if we could add one more firestation to the Central region of Caledon we should have sufficient coverage.

This could not come at a better time, since Father is succumbing to his rage. I..would no longer be safe in Steelhead. I must find a new venue for hosting. Or perhaps I should risk revisiting Toxia..

Doctor Steel has enthusiastically accept my concept of filming a YouTube music video for his song Land of the Lost. I must contact Aunt Flea about filming in the Grendel's Children sim..Her dragon avatars are based on dinosaur fossils.. just remove the wings.. and I believe she even has Sleestak avatars for sale! This would be wonderful advertising for her and the Doctor!


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