Wednesday, March 21, 2007


With much patience I finally summoned a passing Time Lord! This gracious Gallifreyan, who answered by the name of Ewan, landed his TARDIS in the middle of a native encampment.

The desperate survivors circled the device, speculating as to its function. One supposed it was a latrine, another decided it was valuable as scrap metal. Mr. Ewan dematerialised us both before they could test either theory.

I am safe in Caledon now. I had to modify one of my eyes in the field to compensate for the radiation interference, but I can repair it quickly.

My one bit of revenge..I gave Mr. Ewan the EXACT coordinates of my evil double, so I materialsed OVER her and shunted her into otherspace!

Now to go to the Falling Anvil for a cup of hot oil! No..after this I could go for a shot of kerosene!


1 comment:

Darien said...

No kerosene for you young lady! You're coming back to Steelhead! This is the secomd time I'll have to clean toxic waste out of your furnace! I bet you've got radioactive dust in your gears too! And this time you're helping me clean up!