Monday, March 26, 2007

Caledon Protected!

a letter, black ink on pale violet paper:

"My Dear Miss Qli, or Captain Projects ~ I have at long last located a small structure that might serve as housing such as the fire brigade and yehrself may require. Alas, Caledonian land is highly prized, and the only arrangements that could be made are somewhat, well, charming. I do hope that they are able to get the blood out of the carpet, and the smell of dead buccaneer out of the curtains. I patched the gunshot holes meself. ....If there are any changes I can make to the structure, furnishings, land or landscaping, please do not hesitate to ask. ..Your patroness and friend, Lady Darkling Elytis, Baroness of Amondeu.

post script ~ Please do feel free also to avail yehrself of the facilities next door, at the Wee Green Faerie publick house. Should yeh see a handsome rogue named Pierre the Tiger, do please remind him that he still owes me several shiny coin."

Splendid! Lady Darkling has once again proven her philanthropic nature to all! I am perplexed by the smoke rising from the ground in the parcel next to it volcanic?

I would very much like to invite everyone to Caledon Cay and see the firehouse this Tuesday at 7. The CIRRUS will be moored and refreshments will be served. Now is *your* chance to join the Fire Brigade!

I hope the Primverness firehouse will be built soon as well..having the firehouse and the hangar so far apart on the island seems a logistical nightmare! I do hope other Barons will consider the necessity of having firehouses on their estates as well!


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