Friday, March 9, 2007


ADDENDUM: I pressed father for an answer about Vortex's fur colour. He says Sekhmet would only see him if he took a feline form, so he morphed into a black panther. I still would like to get my hands on him and find out where his loyalties truly lie.

As part of recent temporal disaster recovery procedures I must review my current objectives.

I currenly have more commitments across the time stream than I can handle. My first priority must be to the Age of Steam, especially to Caledon. I have duties as Fire Chief of the C.V.F.B., which will soon have a new base in Primverness.

I have responsibilities to my family in House Bloodwing. My newly found brother Vortex needs to learn how adapt to the cultures of the Grid as I have, insofar as a feline can be "trained". This wiill take time as he still actively avoids contact with me.

(Note to Self: The black pigment Vortex wears has more of a violet sheen in direct sunlight. Also the fur sample had an alarming reaction to sunlight after the dye was dissolved. This may explain his apprehension about being close to my engine.)

That leaves the realms that I still frequent: Lumindor and Toxia. They cannnot possibly more different from the Steam Age!

Due to House Bloodwing's strategic alliance with the Unseelie Court, and my close friendship with Capt. Midnight I am welcome in that hidden kingdom. I enjoy travellling through that magical realm, where I can move without my engine. But the political intrigues are far beyond me. And I am still baffled by their archaic currency system. I would love to visit, but I must withdraw from the Court.

And then there is Toxia. The very essence of what I seek to keep our era from devolving into. Spring Heeled Jack is a treasured friend, and I enjoy performing in his establishment. The tips, when carried backwards through 200 years of the inflation cycle, make the visit highly profitable!

But..the machine virus I contracted there lead to the recent tragic chain of cross-time paradoxes. The weapons and armor upgrades I obtained there are just barely compatible with my home paradigm.

But the biggest thorn is the company I joined. The Toxian Punk Syndicate. They have no agenda besides pranking, torture, and murder. I must leave the Punks. Jack is my only confidante there.


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