Monday, March 5, 2007

Where's Qli??

Hey everyone, this is Darien daughter Qli left this ether transmitter gizmo still running on the dining room table.
She NEVER leaves her gadgets out on the main level!

I wondered what was up when Qli didn't show for the Masquerade Ball. Then this Vortex cat shows up in tux and a ninja mask. He was trying to look sophisticated with that top hat and monocle but I could tell he was just a cub!

So he tells me Sekhmet sends his regards and that there's a surprise waiting for me. I should have scorched him right then and there, but I didn't want to wreck the party. Then he tells me that the Fates have something lined up for Qli, and that she's enjoying what's left of the 20th century with her later self. At that I took a lunge at him but he vanished.

I got home and found this mess..her machine is on..a broken unwrapped box on the table with a note inside..reads..

Dear Ms Q,
Your older sister left this Jardeen ring behind and needs it back musch sentle mantal value. She said you can tezzeract with it and go straight to her cowordinites. Good luck!

And underneath somebody scribbled

PAWnd!!! teh BLAK KHAT strykes 1!!

Then some mose scribbles like a winking cat and a bunch of doodles..looks like that LEET language those mainlanders speak.

Alright now I'm worried..I don't do the time travel thing so I have no idea how to reach her aside from the normal ethergram.

How do I even turn this thing off?

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