Saturday, March 3, 2007

Politics and Particulates Part 2

In Neualtenburg I had the pleasure of meeting the Kaiserin, Frau Kendra. I greeted her in German out of respect for her culture, and she began to converse in that tongue, which unfortunately I do not speak. We switched to English. She commented that her nation is now equal measure of English and German speakers. She explained to me that Neualtenburg was founded by colonists who were unhappy with the politics of Neufreistat. (Compare with the Sigil Diaspora..)

Neualtenburg is an expanding mainland nation..a remarkable feat in itself..founded by and for artists! Indeed, like Caledon, enlightened imperialists!

My conclusion is it is unlikely that Neualtenburg will precipitate the Great War, at least with this current head of state.

As we spoke a ruffian charged us both, attempting to carry away the Kaiserin! He was dressed in the chainmail and livery so many newcomers have been found wearing. I feared this was some sort of espionage or assassination attempt..perhaps even a clumsy move by a fellow time traveller to precipitate the Great War I am trying to prevent?

Even as I extended the Talons from my forearms, the Kaiserin revealed herself to be quite capable of defending herself, sidestepping the ruffian. Even as the thug struggled to his feet again, she bade me Auf Wederseh'n, telling me I was always welcome in her nation.

I took a few moments to brandish my Talons and threaten the interloper, but my interrogation attempts were for naught. Aside from screaming an expletive in the Swiss dialect when I placed my shin into an area of his anatomy, I could not get a word from him. I am returning to Bloodwing forthwith.

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