Wednesday, March 28, 2007

Qlippothic Projects vs. Qlippothic Steel

I have finished reviewing through my journal, adding addenda where my future double wrote in my place, trying to thread truth from lies and loyalty from madness. For those who care to read, I have linked her "blog" in the list to the left of mine. However I do not call her "Trusted Correspondence" by any stretch of the imagination and urge you Dear Reader to take her words with a grain of salt. She changes her biography so frequently that I wonder if she is a compulsive liar or if her traumas have corrupted the memories in her Soul Drive.

Now she seems to be pulling my friends away from me. Spring-Heeled Jack has joined her new master's Toy Soldiers. And she is trying to recruit dear Midnight into that gang of thugs as well!

I will tell you my friends, the best way to tell the Qli you know and love from this mad doppleganger that haunts me:

The biggest giveaway are the eyes. My eyes, and my dermal layer beneath my synthetic skin glow red from my fire within. Miss Steel's true form glows green from the toxic waste she has lived in. She may suppress the toxins deep inside her for small amounts of time. (She may also be highly radioactive..)

My voice has been described as "an American lady reciting in a Victorian finishing school with copper walls." My double talks like she came from the streets of Chicago in the 1920's, with a jumble of slang from all over the 20th and 21st centuries.

I bear the Caledon flag on the helmet of my armour, she bears the caricature of Doctor Steel's bald, goggled and bearded face in a white circle on a red field.

Unless I have business with my Aunt Flea in the Mythic Age you will most likely find me somewhere in the Age of Steam, or what some Caledonians are recently calling "The Colonies". If you run into a Qlippothic in Toxia or some other Dark Future, assume the worst.

Lastly, our behaviour. You know what the level of standards I hold myself to. You know I am welcoming and amiable. My deceptive and unbalanced. She has long ago abandoned the standards of decency that I adhere to. And most importantly she is POTENTIALLY VIOLENT. If you are sure the Qli you see is not me, do not approach her. Do not act alarmed. Do call your constable, city watch, or military for help. If necessary, try to summon my Father, Darien Mason in Steelhead City. He created us both, and he knows how to uncreate us as well.

Father once told me "You are your own worst enemy." Never did I imagine this proverb would apply to me so literally!

~Qlippothic Projects

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