Saturday, March 3, 2007

Politics and Particulates

After so graciously receiving a microscope from Governor Shang I tesseracted back to House Bloodwing to analyze the samples. The fur samples were light brown near the roots..but the coating made it seem black. Was this some form of camouflage?

Furthermore the paw prints were much bigger than expected..when comparing to the stature of the Vortex Koenkamp, I reached the conclusion that he must not yet have reached physical maturity for his species!

Indeed..if this being is indeed a leonid, as the Pride of Sekhmet are meant to be..and it is male, as it's voice apparently has not yet grown a mane.

With all of the data obtained thus far..I conclude that Vortex K. is a leonid male, aged 14 (human equivalent). He may have dyed his hair to supplement his stealth, to masquerade as a mature panther, or as a fashion statement as young males so often do.

The soil samples..and DNA sampling.. require further research. While I was preparing those samples I overheard disturbing chatter between Caledon and Neualtenburg representatives on the aether channels. I turned away from the samples a moment, and tesseracted there.

To Be Continued..

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