Tuesday, March 20, 2007

Production Plans

ADDENDUM: How cruel my double was to treat her Creator this way!

The canopy of Tanglewood is..how do I say..a bit too brittle for my frame? Miss Darkling has instead offered firehouse space in the Cay, by the Absynthe House. I'm going to need a larger net for those pesky green fairies.

Aunt Flea approves of the idea of using her store for the Lost video. She has enough monstrous avatars to cover the fauna angle. My research shows me a Sleestak avatar was photographed a year ago, but efforts to triangulate his origin have proved fruitless. Add to that "Sleestak" is a stock SL surname..I conclude it is best to create a new Sleestak avatar from scratch. Soldier Peri has offered to design one, and hopefully an Altrusian avatar as well.

*sings a song from the 1920's*

o/ Poor Poppa, POOR Poppa! He gets NUTHIN' at all! o/

*eyes glow green in a malevolent smile*


Darien said...

You KNEW what would happen if I destroyed the talisman..and now you MOCK me?

Stay away from Steelhead, daughter..stay FAR away.


Qlippothic Projects said...

Please, Father! As usual you are your own worst enemy. There's enough bad ichor going around today.

Let's Just Be Friends.

*cackles as her form glows a toxic green*