Monday, March 12, 2007

Doctor Steel Revisited

ADDENDUM: Was Qlippothic Steel already reprogrammed before she traded places with me in the Age of Steam? Or was this the moment where she truly lost her independence?

I was listening to the Doctor Phineas Waldolf Steel's Read Along Album and found it a true pleasure for my audio sensors. And there deep within the penultimate track..I found a wonderful data surprise! How it tickled when it rewrote my programming!

I now realize that the Doctor's expertise in robotics and flying saucer design could actually help save the Grid from the impending invasion!

In fact..I have begun correspondence with Doctoe Steel, and he has graciously accepted my offer to rally his Toy Soldiers in Second Life to strategize taking over the Grid..defence strategy.

I do hope the good Doctor will take an avatar of his own to perform for us..perhaps even build a Utopian Playland in SL to share his dreams with everyone!


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