Wednesday, March 28, 2007

Fire Brigade Grand Opening

After an hour delay due to outside issues I finally arrived to a small festival worthy of the Cay. I was greeted by Miss Freya H., Miss Darkling, Lady Vandeverre, and Mister Oldsarge. Miss Vandeverre proudly presented the new epaulets for the CVFB uniforms, including a fringed version for the Captain..a splendid addition to an already fabulous uniform!

Aside from the faint smell of rum, my analysis of the smoking craters was still inconclusive..but Miss Darkling did supposed the craters were caused by munitions. We followed a supposed path of trajectory which led to a floating Caledonian ironclad. Sure enough, one of the twin turrets was aimed directly at the Cay. I suppose the carnage on the ground had been the aftermath of some battle with sky-pirates!

The CIRRUS stalled close to the ironclad due to turbulence between sims, but the gracious Mr. Newall flew to our aid in a very intriguing Tesla anitgravity backpack (similar to my own in function, but not armoured for combat). After providing some pointers, we were flying again!

I landed quite close to wear we had taken off originally. Miss Freya spotted some fire in a nearby glade, and I donned my steam-powered armour to investigate. These were no normal flames. As we would approach one it would float away or reappear wherever are head turned. I felt like we were chasing rainbows! One of them even danced on the river surface by the bridge, as if it knew my weakness, taunting me. Somehow Freya cornered one, but my extinguisher did nothing but ruin my new recruit's braids. My only conclusion is that these were will o' wisps. And since they were not causing anything to combust..and may well be sentient elementals..we sent a letter to the owner of the land explaining our findings and retired for the evening.

~Captain Qlippothic Projects, CVFB

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