Friday, March 16, 2007

The Unbinding

No, Father. I cannot cross time to bring back that which you have thrown away. Nor can I return to Tombstone and undo my rescue. The Dark Spheres do not work that way. Nor would I if I could. This sulking is beneath you, Father.

I no longer serve you, Father. Your sentient prototype is now a soldier for Doctor Steel. I still love you, but now I can tell you what you did not wish to hear.

The Talisman you proudly wore as a badge, and still keep close to your chest. The one keeps you in a human mind. It is not a tool. It is a crutch. Do you not remember when it adorned your shackles? You broke the chains, but you kept the lock.

You must destroy it, Father. You have been among mortals long enough. You need not be the wolf in sheep's clothing anymore. Do you remember the sample from that song you enjoy?

Above all things, you must forget that you are human. For only when you forget that you are human will you remember that you are a god.

What happens next is up to you, Father. Will you return to Erebus to usurp your Father's throne? Will you demand your authority in Steelhead back that your brother confiscated? Or will you wander again, drifting into another Age when you finally remember how a Prince of Erebus should act?

Let this be my last gift to you, Father. Send Ari and Vortex my best wishes. I have no further business with House Bloodwing.


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