Sunday, March 18, 2007

Verdant Venues

Friday evening I hosted a pre-St. Patrick's Day Ball in Steelhead. I made some minor adjustments and I was ready for the holiday. I liked the new eye colour especially. I think I will keep it this way.

The next night I went to a ball in Caledon. I had a dress I found at the Prim & Proper rosebush hunt that fit the event perfectly.

I had a waltz with dear Mr. Drinkwater and we caught up on recent events. For the second half I danced with an intriguing newcomer to Caledon. He was fascinated to learn my history as both an engineer and as a scholar of mystic texts in their original scripts! It is enough to overlook the striking resemblance he has to my new brother.

As far as the Toy Soldier campaign goes, my last two planned gatherings were postponed. It is a bit too early as established avatars are emerging from the shadows and loyal units are still deploying from Help Island. Soldier Wanda did create a lovely pin which I will now wear for subtle propaganda purposes. Excellent work!


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