Friday, March 2, 2007


I took a stroll in Victoria City to relax before my event. I just happened to run into my companion Mr. Chaplin. Just as I was acknowledging his greetng I heard a yowl and the word BEWARE. I turned to see, but no-one was there..the only sound was the canvas of the carts blowing in the cool evening breeze. We both geared up quickly and took a quick scan of the area. No sign of trouble.

Mr. Chaplin was kind enough to escort me through the spacial portal to Kokopelli Square, where I set up my tip chest and began to work the growing crowd as I displayed my aerial acrobatics. All sorts of beings converged on the Square this night..and fun was had by all!

Afterwards I went to see my friends dance at the new club, the Temple of Horus. It did not appear to me as a center of worship for a Nile diety, but the scenery was still breathtaking in its own right.

I remain watchful. And though I am not designed as a neko, I do have claws at the ready.


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