Thursday, March 8, 2007

Concerning the Safety of Caledon

The Duchess of Primverness and I disembarked westward from our new hangar to patrol the skies. It was not long before we encountered turbulence. The Falling Anvil is aptly named.

Citizens, do please keep some (prim) space open on your parcel for overhead traffic! Someday it may be -your- establishment that needs our help!

The Guvna is intrigued at the idea of a "dousing script" for fires that are quenchable by our hoses. Certainly one of our talented weapon designers can use their knowledge of physics to make blueprints (scripts) for such gear?

Perhaps I can pursuade the Guvna to install fire hydrants by the telehubs. In some cities the fire brigades must rip open the cobblestones to find the fireplug or drill their own in the hollowed-out logs that function as pipes!

Perhaps a steam-driven fire engine can reach the flames faster by road if turbulence remains a problem..and a fire-boat for the coastlines and outlying islands?

For home protection we could also build fire extingishers (a new invention) or even sand buckets for dousing the flames.

(Note to Self.. Add a Steam Jet Projector to list of armour upgrade projects.)

But above all the CVFB requires VOLOUNTEERS. We are only three members at present!

When the firehouse is built, a registration drive will be in order. Yet another excuse for Caledonians to hold a ball!


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