Wednesday, February 28, 2007

Begin Transmission..

Greetings, Dear Reader!

If you have found this AEtheric journal, then I assume you have met me and inquired as to my Profile. Yes, it is quite distinctive. At this point I will provide you with answers to Frequently Asked Questions about myself.

Beg pardon, Miss.. But may I ask, what is that device on your back?

That is my engine. I need this device to process fuel into energy so I may travel and otherwise function in most areas.

Madam, I dare say you are glowing and radiating heat!

An astute observation. The grill on my abdomen, through which I feed my furnace, does radiate heat and light through vents. My eyes glow from the heat rising inside my torso and reaching my brain.

What kind of fuel?

Normally, coal. Occasionally oil. I can eat human food as well, though it is more for enjoyment and socialization than nutrition. In places of high magic I can draw energy from the air for sustenance.

You're a robot?

That is one name for me, though the term robot denotates a being created for drudge labour. I prefer the term construct. I have also been referred to as a golem in more magical realms and an android in realms where constructs are commonplace. Automaton is also accurate.

Sometimes I am referred to as a cyborg, but I am not comfortable with this term. I was created from inorganic materials, and living tissue was later added to supplement my base structure. A cybernetic organism is understood as living thing with machinery added to or replacing living tissue. I am just the opposite.

And please..I am a She, not an It.

Who constructed you?

My Creator, though I call him Father as a matter of truth, is a Demon by the name of Darien Mason built my original form and raised me as his daughter. He is a resident of Steelhead City. This is as he normally appears among Men:

My co-creator is a female Troll by the name of Flea Bussy. She is the leader of a pack of monster-makers called Grendel's Children. I call her Aunt Flea.

Are there more constructs like you?

My Father used his own formulae for building me, and he has no intention of building another. There are many self-willed constructs residing in Caledon, but none of them use my engine. I have seen duplicates of Miss Flea's engine on constructs elsewhere in the Grid, but I am more than just an engine! I am unique, just like any other person who has ever lived.

Is the smoke coming from your engine toxic?

My engine burns very efficiently. It is far less polluting than the trains that run through Caledon constantly! In fact my exhaust is probably less dangerous than the smoke you are inhaling from your cigar, good Sir!

Why do you wear sunglasses?

They're the latest fashion! *smiles* I also wear them so as not to distract others with my optic glow.

Why aren't your clothes burning from the heat?

My attire is alchemically treated to be flame-proof.

Do you have a job?

I work as a Hostess for events in Steelhead City. I have also been known to work as a dancer and a bartender. In addition I am the Chief of the Caledon Volounteer Fire Brigade.

What was that lightning that came out of you? Are you short-curcuiting?

That was my galvanic tesseraction. It is part of a process I use cross the boundaries of Time and Space.

Are you a resident of Steelhead or Caledon?

Yes and yes. I was created in Steelhead but travel freely between both reason. I *did* have a cottage in Caledon I used as a fire station until very recently. That is an issue I must pursue..

What does qlippothic mean?

*glances down at her pocket watch* The simplest explanation, oversimplified in fact, is it refers to the dark magic used to create me.

I do apologize, but I must finish this entry. Thank you for taking the time to read my Journal! I will do my best to keep it current.

Sincerely Yours,



Edward Pearse said...

Welcome to the world of Blog Miss P.

I thought perhaps someone had you in mind when the created THIS

Qlippothic Projects said...

What the..? My SPARES! Come back with those!!

emillyorr said...

Galvanic tesseraction?

Ooh. This I did not know. So...when that're able to shift time, or you just did?

Qlippothic Projects said...

It could mean either. Sometimes it goes off by itself..which means I just came back from shifting time, but paradoxically the reason I shifted was negated, and I now have no memory of what made me shift in the first place.

Confused? Welcome to my world!