Sunday, April 1, 2007

I Hope I Didn't Scorch the Carpet

I spent the day recalibrating my galvanic kept spontaneously pulling me in and out of Steelhead in the middle of the International Ball! I was malfunctioning in front of my Father, my friends..everyone! I was so mortified I decided to stand in an alcove adjacent to the Grid and watch the affair from there.

I grow even more melancholy when I read the journal of a dear friend and see what indignities she endures. Even if she is masquerading as something else in that pocket dimension, would I not come to her aid, guns blazing, if she would but ask? Would all of House Bloodwing not come to the aid of a family member in distress?

And sadly, Caledon My Home did not become the new state anthem. My congratulations to Miss Jamie. I did receive a consolation prize at least.

The one highlight is I found a copy of the soundtrack to Ghost in the Shell: Stand Alone Complex. Origa sings like a Russian angel!

Now I will re-enter the Grid and be watchful of some sim-wide practical joke..



Hotspur O'Toole said...

Qli: Just a quick note to say that Caledon my Home wuz robbed! You had the critical O'Toole support, I don't see how things could have gone astray like this.

Qlippothic Projects said...

Thank you Mr. O'Toole. The black velvet gown I received as a consolation prize was still very nice. Do you know what the totals were by any chance?

emillyorr said...

Miss Qli...I am humbled and gratified that you would pledge your aid to my dilemma. I am recovering and am serene of mind; friends have helped, and quiet time alone. I've been doing a lot of thinking. At least some of the answers are expected, but I will learn from this experience.

A scripter slave in Lumindor, recent of my acquaintance, has spent the last two days crafting protection for me. The spells utilized were arcane and difficult; I am now charging them into a necklace.

I will not be caught unawares again. And...should I be wrong...I will call for your aid.

Qlippothic Projects said...

This was a unique situation on my end, in the sense that for once, Father held me back..

"The road to Hell is paved with good intentions, my daughter, not strewn with them."


emillyorr said...

*hugs you carefully*

Thank you.

Rhona said...

Great work.